Policy on Miscreants dtd 30 October 2021: Download

Letter to the Craft (COVID-19) dtd 19 October 2021: Download


Edict 10-01-21 (OES Youth Bloodline): Download

Edict 09-01-21 (Saint John the Evangelist Day): Download

Edict 08-01-21 (Saint John the Baptist): Download

Edict 07-01-21 (Healings): Download

Edict 06-01-21 (Bluetooth and Body Piercing): Download

Edict 05-01-21 (Founder’s Day): Download

Edict 04-01-21 (Masonic Funeral Dress): Download

Edict 03-01-21 (Divine Sunday): Download

Edict 02-01-21 (Rejoining & Reinstatement Fees): Download

Edict 01-01-21 (Masonic Activity): Download

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