Sovereign Prince Hall Grand Council 
Order of the Knights of Pythagoras
Commonwealth of Virginia
State Director - Carl A. Albritton, #5
Asst. State Director (East) -
Wilktion Shaw, #1
Asst. State Director (West) -
William J. Crews, #7

Mission Statement

To share, teach and demonstrate the principles of manhood to young men, enabling them to achieve their dreams and become men who are strong, responsible and productive.  We promote family values and train our youth in the areas of Leadership, Responsibility, and Brotherhood while instilling the values of Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence In All We Do.  We're dedicated to providing young men with the tools/skills needed to reach their maximum potential as they become the leaders of today as well as tomorrow.

“No man stands so straight, as when he stoops to help a boy”

State Youth Officers
2016 - 2017

Most Venerable Grand Master Knight

Ronnie Williams Jr., #5

Venerable Grand Senior Knight

Damori Barker, #3

Venerable Grand Junior Knight

Deondre Jessie, #6

Venerable Grand Knight Treasurer

Kyle Baptiste, #5

Venerable Grand Knight Recorder

Jared Faulks, #8

Venerable Grand Knight Senior Deacon

Johnathan Jerry, #1

Venerable Grand Knight Junior Deacon

Cornell Lucess, #3

Venerable Grand Knight Senior Steward

Jahari George, #5

Venerable Grand Knight Junior Steward

Darnell Robinson, #6

Venerable Grand Knight Chaplain

Jamil Carter, #8

Venerable Grand Knight Almoner

James Booker, #1

Venerable Grand Knight Marshall

James Mitchell, #3

Venerable Grand Knight Standard Bearer

Jahari George, #5

Venerable Grand Knight Orator

Michael Hammond, #6

Venerable Grand Knight Mentor

Zion Smith, #8

Venerable Grand Knight Mentor

James Foster, #1

Venerable Grand Knight Mentor

Demarkus Boyd, #3

Venerable Grand Knight Mentor

Ja’ir Clark, #5

Venerable Grand Knight Mentor

Cameron Hammond, #6 

Venerable Grand Knight Mentor

Sherard Calloway, #8

Venerable Grand Knight Mentor

Dakari Reinhardt, #1

Venerable Grand Knight Mentor

Keane Arrington, #2

Venerable Grand Knight Mentor

Cirdale Lucess, #3

Venerable Grand Knight Sentinel

Jamieon Tanner, #5

Venerable Grand Knight Organist

Thomas Harris, #8         

KOP Councils

W.L. Ransome Council #1

801 Prince Hall Dr., Richmond, VA 23224

2nd & 4th Saturday @10am

E. S. Brown Council #2

1906 Carroll Ave NW, Roanoke, VA 24017

Luke N. Robinson Council #3

1004 Halifax Street, Petersburg, VA 23803

2nd Saturday @ 11am

Prince Hall Council #4

520 N 25th Street (Leigh), Richmond, VA  23233

2nd Saturday @ 10am

Martin Luther King Jr. Council #5

7809 Fordson Road, Alexandria, VA  22306

3rd Saturday @ 10am

Bethlehem Star Council #6

1689 General Puller Highway,  Saluda, VA  23149

1st & 4th Saturday @ 9am

District #14 & 16 Council #7

1001 River Road, South Boston , VA 24592

3rd Saturday @ 10am

Norfolk 1st Masonic District Council #8

1516 E. Princess Anne Rd., Norfolk, VA 23504

1st & 3rd Saturday @ 1100

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Order of the Knights of Pythagoras?

 The order of the Knights of Pythagoras is an organization composed of youths from nine to twenty years of age inclusive, working under the sponsorship and personal supervision of Prince Hall Masons, to provide beneficial use of their spare time, worthwhile companions, wholesome, educational environment, and a program aiming to interest and aid youths, in their all-round development.

Who may become members of the Order of the Knights of Pythagoras?

Membership is open to all boys in the community who are of required age, willing to attend meetings, willing to learn, and willing to conform to our rules and regulations.  It is not necessary for a boy to be a son or a relative of a Mason to be eligible for membership. 

It should be kept in mind that this organization is not a Junior Masonic Order but is merely under Masonic Supervision.

What activities do Councils of the Knights of Pythagoras carry on?

The Youth Knights hold meetings in what are called "Councils".  Each Council is hosted by a Lodge or a Masonic District, who provide advisors from their own Lodge membership.  The Councils in the State meet annually for a Summer Encampment which last three days.  Many workshops, athletic activities and awards programs are held at this event.  Also at the Summer Encampment the Youth Knights participate in election of new Grand Council Officers, a banquet, and Divine Service.

Other programs are held throughout the year (Devotional Day, Sunday in June; Patriot's Day, July 4th; Parents' Day, Sunday in November, etc). 

What lessons are taught in the Rite on Investure? 

From their first entrance into a council of the Knights of Pythagoras, as a candidate of initiation, the Youths are presented impressive lessons, free from hilarity and horseplay.  The investure is built around the nine Cardinal virtues of the Order: Adoration and Reverence for God, Love of Parents, Righteous Thinking, Purity, Patriotism, Toleration, Courtesy, Friendship and Constancy.

The order embraces no particular creed but teaches faith in the one living and true God.

While the Order of the Knights of Pythagoras has its ritual with its secret signs, words, etc., it has no secrets to withhold from the world regarding its aims in making its members better sons and better youths than they have ever been before.

Do Youths enjoy the Knights of Pythagoras?

All boys enjoy the many-sides activities of The Knights of Pythagoras.  Its entire program is especially designed for them.  It gives them the advantage of the highest type of associates at an age when they are active and energetic and Masonry can make no greater contribution than to aid in directing their efforts in uplifting channels during their spare time. 

What must a youth do to become a member of the Order of the Knights of Pythagoras?

 A youth, between the prescribed age limits, should file a petition for membership in a Council of the Order of the Knights of Pythagoras through any member.  On this petition, the character of the applicant must be vouched for by two active Knights, a Master Mason or a Majority Knight.

After age of twenty-one, what?

When a member reaches the age of twenty-one, he automatically ceases to be an active member.  His passing into citizenship from the Knights of Pythagoras is marked by an impressive ceremony, at which he is given a certificate.  This certificate proclaims to the world that the possessor has had the benefit of superior training offered by the Knights of Pythagoras under exemplary Masonic leadership.