Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite 
Southern Jurisdiction | Prince Hall Affiliated | TN

SGIG Shelton Riddick, 33°
Ill. Deputy for the Orient
Phone: 757-409-0289


GIG Ernest H. Harris, Jr., 33°
Ill. Grand Secretary
Phone: 757-472-2880

For information regarding the Order of the Golden Circle please contact:
Madeline Barnes 
Phone: 757-722-4842

Letter from the Deputy of the Orient
To: All Scottish  Rite Masons, operating under the supervision of the United Supreme  Council Ancient and Accepted  Scottish  Rite of Freemasonry, Prince Hall Affiliation, Southern Jurisdiction, United States of America,  Tennessee of Each Consistory, in the Orient of Virginia

I offer greetings and welcome you to a link to our website.   We are in the developmental stage as our first time effort and we hope to make it not only informative respecting AASR SJ. USA, Tennessee but educational as well.  We ask that you visit our site regularly to stay abreast of various activities and events.

You have previously received notification of my appointment as Deputy of the Orient for the State of Virginia, effective February 27, 2016 by the Illustrious  Deary  Vaughn, Sovereign  Grand Commander.  I, like you, take my Oath of Fealty which I consented to very seriously and with full dedication. I would also hope that you will hold true that you believe in our Masonic vows, the truths of men, plighted to their better selves.

While we have been faced with dark days brought about by persons angered at the outcome of last year's elections, we shall persevere and move forward here in Virginia.   It is not my intent to create further disharmony among our members because of what we believe to be illegal acts and a violation of the Constitution and General Regulations of the United Supreme Council, Prince Hall Affiliation, Southern Jurisdiction, Tennessee, USA.

Therefore, those individual Fraters who elected to withdraw their membership from Tennessee, on their own accord or led by others to do so will be welcomed to return to this body.  All that is required is for them is to contact myself, SGIG Shelton Riddick, Deputy or Grand Secretary. GIG Ernest "Sunny" Harris by email, telephone or letter.  As Deputy of the Orient, I will work directly with all Fraters and our Grand Lodge to answer any questions.

Thanks for now and know that we intend to stay on course as we reform and rebuild.

Yours Truly, 

SGIG Shelton Riddick
Deputy of the Orient of Virginia

GIG Ernest Harris, Jr.
Grand Secretary