Council of Deliberation

Ancient & Accepted Scottish Rite
Southern Jurisdiction | Prince Hall Affiliated | TN

Letter from the Deputy of the Orient

Rejoining USC-TN

Virginia Council of Deliberation


Deputy of the Orient  SGIG Shelton Riddick
1st LT Grand Commander GIG Tony Ward
2nd LT Grand Commander  
Grand Chancellor  
Minister of the State  
Grand Orator  
Grand Treasurer  
Grand Secretary  
Grand Prior  
Grand Hospitaler  
Grand Master of Ceremonies  
Grand Standard Bearer  
Grand Engineer and Architect  
Grand Captain of the Guard  
Grand Sentinel  

School of Instruction / Planning Meeting

The School of Instruction and the Virginia Council of Deliberation Planning Meeting will be on July 20, 2019 at the Masonic Temple located at 1500 London Blvd., Portsmouth, Va. The School of Instructions will start promptly at 9:00am. It will last until 12 noon. Alpha & Omega Consistory # 9 will open up.  All Officers are expected to be there. We are asked to be in Scottish Rite Dress.

The Planning Meeting will start after the School of Instructions at 12 noon.