Subordinate Lodges

DistrictLodgeMeeting LocationDate & Time
1Rising Sun Lodge No. 21023 W. Little Creek Rd., Norfolk, VA2nd & 4th Wednesday at 8:00pm
1Eastern Light Lodge No. 41516 E. Princess Anne Rd., Norfolk, VA1st & 3rd Wednesday at 8:00pm
1Campbell Lodge No. 671516 E. Princess Anne Rd., Norfolk, VA4th Thursday at 8:00pm
1Progressive Lodge No. 801516 E. Princess Anne Rd., Norfolk, VA3rd Tuesday at 8:00pm
1Excelsior Lodge No. 871516 E. Princess Anne Rd., Norfolk, VA1st & 3rd Thursday at 8:00pm
1Tidewater Lodge No. 1061023 W. Little Creek Rd., Norfolk, VA1st & 3rd Thursday at 7:30pm
1Blooming Light Lodge No. 132950 Avenue E, Norfolk, VA4th Thursday at 8:00pm
1Malachi Lodge No. 1361320 E. Brambleton Ave, Norfolk, VA2nd & 4th Wednesday at 8:00pm
1Raphael Lodge No. 1621320 E. Brambleton Ave, Norfolk, VA1st & 3rd Monday at 8:00pm
1James P. Carter Lodge No. 1951516 E. Princess Anne Rd., Norfolk, VA4th Tuesday at 8:00pm
1New Light Lodge No. 1961516 E. Princess Anne Rd., Norfolk, VA2nd & 4th Monday at 8:00pm
2Joshua Lodge No. 662210 Myers Rd., Chesapeake, VA1st & 3rd Tuesday at 7:30pm
2Providence Lodge No. 1892210 Myers Rd., Chesapeake, VA1st & 3rd Monday at 7:30pm
2South Hill Lodge No. 1972210 Myers Rd., Chesapeake, VA2nd & 4th Thursday at 7:30pm
2Willow Grove Lodge No. 198841 St. Brides Rd., Chesapeake, VA4th Thursday at 8:00pm
3Morning Star Lodge No. 31500 London Blvd., Portsmouth, VA2nd Monday at 7:30pm
3Lebanon Lodge No. 341500 London Blvd., Portsmouth, VA2nd Wednesday at 7:30pm
3Mt. Gilead/Alpha & Omega Lodge No. 461500 London Blvd., Portsmouth, VA3rd Thursday at 8:00pm
3Brighton Rock Lodge No. 7930 Gale Ave., Chesapeake, VA4th Monday at 7:30pm
3Lily of the Valley Lodge No. 893107 American Legion Rd., Chesapeake, VA4th Tuesday at 7:00pm
3Truxton-Doric-Ionic Lodge No. 911500 London Blvd., Portsmouth, VA1st Monday at 7:30pm
3William H. Plummer Lodge No. 2713927 Bridge Rd., Suffolk, VA 234351st & 3rd Monday at 7:00pm
3W. G. Alexander Lodge No. 289969 Bell Mill Rd., Chesapeake, VA2nd & 4th Tuesday at 8:00pm
3Washington Lodge No. 3231500 London Blvd., Portsmouth, VA1st Thursday at 8:00pm
6/7Eastern Star Lodge No. 133311 Shell Rd., Hampton, VA 236612nd Wednesday at 7:30pm
6/7Yorkstar-Zedekiah Lodge No. 167819 Goosley Rd., Yorktown, VA 236902nd Saturday at 12:00pm
6/7Providence Wing Lodge No. 229455 Richneck Rd., Newport News, VA 236083rd Monday at 7:30pm
6/7Widow’s Son Lodge No. 542505 Chestnut Ave, Newport News, VA 236074th Monday at 7:30pm
6/7Blooming Olive Lodge No. 942505 Chestnut Ave, Newport News, VA 236073rd Wednesday at 7:30pm
6/7Maceo Consolidated Lodge No. 124630 S. Henry St., Williamsburg, VA 231853rd Thursday at 7:00pm
6/7Union Light Lodge No. 2682505 Chestnut Ave, Newport News, VA 236072nd Tuesday at 7:30pm
8/10Mount Vernon Lodge No. 48168 Tynes St., Suffolk, VA 234342nd Wednesday at 7:00pm
8/10Star of Sharon Lodge No. 2311600 E. Washington St., Suffolk, VA 234341st Tuesday at 7:00pm
8/10Holland Lodge No. 2567650 S. Quay Rd., Suffolk, VA 234371st Thursday at 8:00pm
8/10Franklin Star Lodge No. 2882216 South St., Franklin, VA 238512nd Thursday at 8:00pm
11Waverly Lodge No. 70321 Railroad Ave., Waverly, VA 238901st Thursday at 8:00pm
11Saint James Lodge No. 12810300 County Drive, Disputanta, VA 238423rd Saturday at 7:00pm
11Union Love Lodge No. 153210 E. Main Street, Wakefield, VA 238882nd Saturday at 8:00pm
11George H. Dabney Lodge No. 201294 Lebanon Rd., Surry, VA 238832nd Thursday at 8:00pm
12Pocahontas Lodge No. 71004 Halifax St., Petersburg, VA 238032nd Wednesday at 8:00pm
12Abram Lodge No. 101004 Halifax St., Petersburg, VA 238033rd Monday at 8:00pm
12Eureka Lodge No. 151004 Halifax St., Petersburg, VA 238034th Wednesday at 8:00pm
12Jerusalem Lodge No. 161004 Halifax St., Petersburg, VA 238033rd Wednesday at 8:00pm
12Sheba Lodge No. 171004 Halifax St., Petersburg, VA 238031st Wednesday at 8:00pm
12Shiloh Lodge No. 33601 Prince Henry Ave., Hopewell, VA 238602nd Wednesday at 7:30pm
12Mt. Nebo Lodge No. 431004 Halifax St., Petersburg, VA 238032nd Monday at 8:00pm
12St. Stephens Lodge No. 2475918 Rocky Branch Rd., Stony Creek, VA 238822nd Monday at 8:00pm
12Moses/Gravel Lodge No. 2901623 Spain Drive, Reams, VA 238052nd Thursday at 7:30pm
12C. V. Wilson Lodge No. 31715807 Hamilton Arms Rd., Dewitt, VA 238403rd Tuesday at 8:00pm
13Emporia Lodge No. 101108 East Atlantic St., Emporia, VA 238472nd & 4th Tuesday at 8:00pm
13Brunswick Lodge No. 10818772 Christanna Hwy, Lawrenceville, VA 238682nd & 4th Thursday at 8:00pm
13Acme Lodge No. 15823446 Blue Star Highway, Jarratt, VA 238671st & 3rd Monday at 8:00pm
13Greenleaf-Humanity Lodge No. 1862765 Plank Road, South Hill, VA 239702nd & 4th Thursday at 8:00pm
14/16West Lodge No. 57212 West Church St., Clover, VA 245342nd Monday at 7:30pm
14/16Charlotte Lodge No. 146130 Wilson St., Keysville, VA 239472nd Wednesday at 8:00pm
14/16Humanity Lodge No. 18610049 Red Lawn Rd., Bracey, VA 239194th Friday at 7:30pm
14/16Mount Sinai Lodge No. 2031001 River Road, South Boston, VA 245922nd Tuesday at 7:00pm
14/16Laconia Lodge No. 208106 Atkins Road, Red Oak, VA 239641st Wednesday at 8:00pm
14/16Averett Union Lodge No. 23557 White House Road, Nelson, VA 24580Friday before the 3rd Sunday at 7:30pm
14/16Mecklenburg Lodge No. 2802674 Middle School Road, Skipwith, VA 23968Friday before the 2nd Sunday at 8:00pm
14/16R. C. Yancey Lodge No. 2845th Yancey Street, Chase City, VA 239241st Tuesday at 8:00pm
15Randolph Lodge No. 30415 Griffin Blvd., Farmville, VA 239012nd Tuesday & 4th Monday at 8:00pm
15W. H. Hughes Lodge No. 951010 Mt. Nebo Rd., Blackstone, VA 238242nd & 4th Monday at 7:00pm
15Evergreen-Benjamin Lodge No. 13112178 E. Colonial Trail, Crewe, VA 239301st & 3rd Thursday at 7:00pm
15Obadiah-Bethany Lodge No. 1709401 Wayside Ave., Amelia, VA 230021st Monday & 3rd Saturday at 7:30pm
15Victoria-Kenbridge Lodge No. 1871112 Tenth St., Victoria, VA 239742nd Monday & 4th Thursday at 7:00pm
17Danville Royal Lodge No. 104425 North Main St., Danville, VA 245401st & 3rd Tuesday at 7:00pm
17Murdock Lodge No. 163177 Mabin St., Danville, VA 245412nd Monday at 7:00pm
17Olympic Lodge No. 179New Sandy Creek Church, Keeling VA 245661st Saturday at 10:00am
17Judah Lodge No. 205360 North Main St., Chatham, VA 245572nd Monday at 7:00pm & 4th Saturday at 10:00am
17Almagro Lodge No. 217177 Mabin St., Danville, VA 245411st & 3rd Thursday at 7:30pm
17Shockoe Lodge No. 244Route 1, Box 128, Java, VA 245651st Tuesday at 8:00pm
17Brandon Chapel Lodge No. 2821121 Brandon Chapel Rd., Alton, VA 245201st & 3rd Saturday at 7:00pm
17Golden Rule Lodge/Nehemiah No. 295425 North Main St., Danville, VA 245402nd Saturday at 7:00pm
18/19Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. 31201 Pacan Street, Abingdon, VA 242101st & Thursday at 6:30pm
20Alleghany-Dunbar Lodge No. 1091906 Carroll Avenue NW, Roanoke, VA 240172nd Friday at 8:00pm
20Joppa Lodge No. 329207 Catawba St., Glassgo, VA 245554th Friday at 7:00pm
21/22Mt. Zion Lodge No. 18140 E. Beverly St., Staunton, VA 244012nd Tuesday at 7:00pm
21/22Jefferson Lodge No. 20101 Forest St., Charlottesville, VA 229022nd Thursday at 7:30pm
21/22Omar Lodge No. 226202 E. Mason Street, Harrisonburg Forge, VA 228022nd Thursday at 7:30pm
21/22John W. Barnes Lodge No. 3051011 Church Street, Clifton Forge, VA 244224th Tuesday at 7:00pm
23Star of the West Lodge No. 24614 Federal Street, Lynchburg, VA 245041st & 3rd Thursday at 8:00pm
23Long Mountain Lodge No. 2046571 Village Highway, Lynchburg, VA 24504Saturday before the 4th Sunday at 8:00pm
23Big Island Lodge No. 31614486 Big Island Highway, Big Island, VA 245263rd Monday at 8:00pm
23Robert F. Braxton Lodge No. 3182622 Galts Mill Road, Madison Heights, VA 245721st Saturday at 7:30pm
24/25Louisa-Temple Lodge No. 113
24/25Keystone Lodge No. 188
24/25Caledonia Lodge No. 240
26Social Lodge No. 63056 Hull Street, Richmond, VA 232242nd Tuesday at 8:00pm
26Friendship Lodge No. 19801 Prince Hall Drive, Richmond, VA 232241st Wednesday at 7:30pm
26Hobson Lodge No. 23801 Prince Hall Drive, Richmond, VA 232241st & 3rd Monday at 7:30pm
26King Solomon Lodge No. 27801 Prince Hall Drive, Richmond, VA 232241st Tuesday at 7:30pm
26King David Lodge No. 284000 Woody Drive, Henrico, VA 232221st Monday at 7:00pm
26Henrico Lodge No. 41801 Prince Hall Drive, Richmond, VA 232242nd Friday at 7:30pm
26Trinity Lodge No. 44801 Prince Hall Drive, Richmond, VA 232242nd Wednesday at 7:30pm
26Richmond Lodge No. 653056 Hull Street, Richmond, VA 232241st Thursday at 8:00pm
26Commonwealth Lodge No. 812721 Grantwood Road, Richmond, VA 232251st Friday at 8:00pm
26Capital City Lodge No. 1074000 Woody Drive, Henrico, VA 232222nd Thursday at 8:00pm
26Jonathan Lodge No. 112801 Prince Hall Drive, Richmond, VA 232243rd Wednesday at 7:00pm
26Perfect Ashlar Lodge No. 159801 Prince Hall Drive, Richmond, VA 232242nd Tuesday at 7:30pm
26East End Lodge No. 2334000 Woody Drive, Henrico, VA 232224th Thursday at 7:00pm
26H. L. Harris Lodge No. 237801 Prince Hall Drive, Richmond, VA 232243rd Tuesday at 8:00pm
26Majestic Lodge No. 263801 Prince Hall Drive, Richmond, VA 232243rd Thursday at 8:00pm
26Pride of Hanover Lodge No. 264219 Berkley Street, Ashland, VA 230053rd Friday at 8:00pm
26Pride of St. James Lodge No. 3001961 St. James Rd., Varina, VA 232312nd Tuesday at 8:00pm
26Carey Wheaton Lodge No. 3076141 Pole Green Road, Mechanicsville, VA 231112nd Tuesday at 8:00pm
26Edward Jones Lodge No. 3244000 Woody Drive, Henrico, VA 232224th Wednesday at 8:00pm
26Lord Hannibal Lodge No. 327800 Prince Hall Drive, Richmond, VA 232243rd Saturday at 6:00pm
27Berea Lodge No. 1148363 George Washington Memorial Hwy, Gloucester, VA 230611st Tuesday at 7:30pm
27Silver Leaf Lodge No. 1779018 Buckley Road, Mathews, VA 231092nd Monday at 7:30pm
27Bethlehem Star Lodge No. 2491101 Route 33 East, Saluda, VA 231491st Monday at 8:00pm
27Triple River Lodge No. 2538301 Courthouse Road, Charles City, VA 231401st Thursday at 7:00pm
27Charles City Progressive Lodge No. 2978301 Courthouse Road, Charles City, VA 231402nd Saturday at 6:00pm
28Palestine Lodge No. 100
28Essex Lodge No. 126
28Northumberland Lodge No. 220
29Prince Hall Lodge No. 613418 Shannon Park Dr., Fredericksburg, VA 224082nd Friday at 8:00pm
29Prospect Lodge No. 1217308 Lawyer Road, Spotsylvania, VA 225514th Friday at 8:00pm
29Welcome Lodge No. 125103 County Street, Bowling Green, VA 224271st Friday at 8:00pm
29King George Lodge No. 3149019 James Madison Parkway, King George, VA 224853rd Friday at 8:00pm
30Piedmont Lodge No. 75101 North East Street, Culpeper, VA 227011st Tuesday at 7:00pm
30Viewtree Lodge No. 14211 South Second Street, Warrenton, VA 201862nd Wednesday at 8:00pm
30Metropolitan Lodge No. 16114 Liberty Street, Leesburg, VA 201772nd Tuesday at 7:30pm
30Midland Lodge No. 23810485 Shenandoah Path, Catlett, VA 220193rd Tuesday at 7:00pm
31Universal Lodge No. 1112 E. Oxford Street, Alexandria, VA 223012nd & 4th Monday at 8:00pm
31Lincoln Lodge Lodge No. 111356 Madison Street, Alexandria, VA 223141st & 3rd Tuesday at 8:00pm
31Acacia Lodge No. 32112 E. Oxford Street, Alexandria, VA 223012nd Thursday at 8:00pm
31Arlington Lodge No. 582222 South Shirlington St., Arlington, VA 222063rd Thursday at 8:00pm
31King Tyre Lodge No. 2926714 James Lee St., Falls Church, VA 220461st & 3rd Monday at 8:00pm
31Triangle Lodge No. 29319030 Bethlehem Church Rd., Triangle, VA 221722nd & 4th Tuesday at 7:30pm
31Pride of Fairfax County Lodge No. 2987809 Fordson Rd., Alexandria, VA 223062nd & 4th Thursday at 8:00pm
31Diversity Lodge No. 3301430 West Braddock Rd., Alexandria, VA 223021st Saturday at 12:00pm
32Sandy Level Lodge No. 274
32G. P. Watkins Lodge No. 320
33/4Accomac Lodge No. 6232168 Boston Road, Painter, VA 234202nd Monday at 7:00pm
33/4Oceana Lodge No. 691760 Potters Road, Virginia Beach, VA 234541st & 3rd Tuesday at 7:30pm
33/4Ruth Lodge No. 92117 Landmark Square, Virginia Beach, VA 234501st Thursday at 7:30pm
33/4Unity Lodge No. 93959 Newton Road, Norfolk, VA 235022nd Wednesday at 8:00pm
33/4Washington Lodge No. 139959 Newton Road, Norfolk, VA 235022nd & 4th Thursday at 8:00pm

Contact Us

Contact Form Demo

Registration eligibility to attend the Family Day Cookout. Remember the information listed below is for those members ONLY that meet the criteria stated below:

  • Must be a member in good standing of the MWPHGL of Virginia
  • Must be a member of the Order of the Eastern Star of Virginia, PHA
  • Must be a member of the MWPHGL of Virginia’s Knights of Pythagoras
  • Must be a member of the Maggie D. Pondexter Youth Department of the Eastern Star of Virginia, PHA
  • Youth must be your children, grandchildren, or great-grandchildren and significant others of a member of MWPHGL of Virginia or the Order of the Eastern Star of Virginia, PHA

Additional Notes

  • A link will be on the website starting June 1, 2024, for you to register to attend.  NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
  • A QR Code will be on the flyer that will link directly to the Grand Lodge website for registration.
  • Once you register, you will receive a link back around the end of July 2024.
  • This registration covers the cost of parking and entrance into the park.
  • We will gather at a private pavilion from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm to enjoy good food and fellowship with one another.