Subordinate Lodges

DistrictLodgeMeeting LocationDate & Time
1Rising Sun Lodge No. 21023 W. Little Creek Rd., Norfolk, VA2nd & 4th Wednesday at 8:00pm
1Eastern Light Lodge No. 41516 E. Princess Anne Rd., Norfolk, VA1st & 3rd Wednesday at 8:00pm
1Campbell Lodge No. 671516 E. Princess Anne Rd., Norfolk, VA4th Thursday at 8:00pm
1Progressive Lodge No. 801516 E. Princess Anne Rd., Norfolk, VA3rd Tuesday at 8:00pm
1Excelsior Lodge No. 871516 E. Princess Anne Rd., Norfolk, VA1st & 3rd Thursday at 8:00pm
1Tidewater Lodge No. 1061023 W. Little Creek Rd., Norfolk, VA1st & 3rd Thursday at 7:30pm
1Blooming Light Lodge No. 132950 Avenue E, Norfolk, VA4th Thursday at 8:00pm
1Malachi Lodge No. 1361320 E. Brambleton Ave, Norfolk, VA2nd & 4th Wednesday at 8:00pm
1Raphael Lodge No. 1621320 E. Brambleton Ave, Norfolk, VA1st & 3rd Monday at 8:00pm
1James P. Carter Lodge No. 1951516 E. Princess Anne Rd., Norfolk, VA4th Tuesday at 8:00pm
1New Light Lodge No. 1961516 E. Princess Anne Rd., Norfolk, VA2nd & 4th Monday at 8:00pm
2Joshua Lodge No. 662210 Myers Rd., Chesapeake, VA1st & 3rd Tuesday at 7:30pm
2Providence Lodge No. 1892210 Myers Rd., Chesapeake, VA1st & 3rd Monday at 7:30pm
2South Hill Lodge No. 1972210 Myers Rd., Chesapeake, VA2nd & 4th Thursday at 7:30pm
2Willow Grove Lodge No. 198841 St. Brides Rd., Chesapeake, VA4th Thursday at 8:00pm
3Morning Star Lodge No. 31500 London Blvd., Portsmouth, VA2nd Monday at 7:30pm
3Lebanon Lodge No. 341500 London Blvd., Portsmouth, VA2nd Wednesday at 7:30pm
3Mt. Gilead/Alpha & Omega Lodge No. 461500 London Blvd., Portsmouth, VA3rd Thursday at 8:00pm
3Brighton Rock Lodge No. 7930 Gale Ave., Chesapeake, VA4th Monday at 7:30pm
3Lily of the Valley Lodge No. 893107 American Legion Rd., Chesapeake, VA4th Tuesday at 7:00pm
3Truxton-Doric-Ionic Lodge No. 911500 London Blvd., Portsmouth, VA1st Monday at 7:30pm
3William H. Plummer Lodge No. 2713927 Bridge Rd., Suffolk, VA 234351st & 3rd Monday at 7:00pm
3W. G. Alexander Lodge No. 289969 Bell Mill Rd., Chesapeake, VA2nd & 4th Tuesday at 8:00pm
3Washington Lodge No. 3231500 London Blvd., Portsmouth, VA1st Thursday at 8:00pm
6/7Eastern Star Lodge No. 133311 Shell Rd., Hampton, VA 236612nd Wednesday at 7:30pm
6/7Yorkstar-Zedekiah Lodge No. 167819 Goosley Rd., Yorktown, VA 236902nd Saturday at 12:00pm
6/7Providence Wing Lodge No. 229455 Richneck Rd., Newport News, VA 236083rd Monday at 7:30pm
6/7Widow’s Son Lodge No. 542505 Chestnut Ave, Newport News, VA 236074th Monday at 7:30pm
6/7Blooming Olive Lodge No. 942505 Chestnut Ave, Newport News, VA 236073rd Wednesday at 7:30pm
6/7Maceo Consolidated Lodge No. 124630 S. Henry St., Williamsburg, VA 231853rd Thursday at 7:00pm
6/7Union Light Lodge No. 2682505 Chestnut Ave, Newport News, VA 236072nd Tuesday at 7:30pm
8/10Mount Vernon Lodge No. 48168 Tynes St., Suffolk, VA 234342nd Wednesday at 7:00pm
8/10Star of Sharon Lodge No. 2311600 E. Washington St., Suffolk, VA 234341st Tuesday at 7:00pm
8/10Holland Lodge No. 2567650 S. Quay Rd., Suffolk, VA 234371st Thursday at 8:00pm
8/10Franklin Star Lodge No. 2882216 South St., Franklin, VA 238512nd Thursday at 8:00pm
11Waverly Lodge No. 70321 Railroad Ave., Waverly, VA 238901st Thursday at 8:00pm
11Saint James Lodge No. 12810300 County Drive, Disputanta, VA 238423rd Saturday at 7:00pm
11Union Love Lodge No. 153210 E. Main Street, Wakefield, VA 238882nd Saturday at 8:00pm
11George H. Dabney Lodge No. 201294 Lebanon Rd., Surry, VA 238832nd Thursday at 8:00pm
12Pocahontas Lodge No. 71004 Halifax St., Petersburg, VA 238032nd Wednesday at 8:00pm
12Abram Lodge No. 101004 Halifax St., Petersburg, VA 238033rd Monday at 8:00pm
12Eureka Lodge No. 151004 Halifax St., Petersburg, VA 238034th Wednesday at 8:00pm
12Jerusalem Lodge No. 161004 Halifax St., Petersburg, VA 238033rd Wednesday at 8:00pm
12Sheba Lodge No. 171004 Halifax St., Petersburg, VA 238031st Wednesday at 8:00pm
12Shiloh Lodge No. 33601 Prince Henry Ave., Hopewell, VA 238602nd Wednesday at 7:30pm
12Mt. Nebo Lodge No. 431004 Halifax St., Petersburg, VA 238032nd Monday at 8:00pm
12St. Stephens Lodge No. 2475918 Rocky Branch Rd., Stony Creek, VA 238822nd Monday at 8:00pm
12Moses/Gravel Lodge No. 2901623 Spain Drive, Reams, VA 238052nd Thursday at 7:30pm
12C. V. Wilson Lodge No. 31715807 Hamilton Arms Rd., Dewitt, VA 238403rd Tuesday at 8:00pm
13Emporia Lodge No. 101108 East Atlantic St., Emporia, VA 238472nd & 4th Tuesday at 8:00pm
13Brunswick Lodge No. 10818772 Christanna Hwy, Lawrenceville, VA 238682nd & 4th Thursday at 8:00pm
13Acme Lodge No. 15823446 Blue Star Highway, Jarratt, VA 238671st & 3rd Monday at 8:00pm
13Greenleaf-Humanity Lodge No. 1862765 Plank Road, South Hill, VA 239702nd & 4th Thursday at 8:00pm
14/16West Lodge No. 57212 West Church St., Clover, VA 245342nd Monday at 7:30pm
14/16Charlotte Lodge No. 146130 Wilson St., Keysville, VA 239472nd Wednesday at 8:00pm
14/16Humanity Lodge No. 18610049 Red Lawn Rd., Bracey, VA 239194th Friday at 7:30pm
14/16Mount Sinai Lodge No. 2031001 River Road, South Boston, VA 245922nd Tuesday at 7:00pm
14/16Laconia Lodge No. 208106 Atkins Road, Red Oak, VA 239641st Wednesday at 8:00pm
14/16Averett Union Lodge No. 23557 White House Road, Nelson, VA 24580Friday before the 3rd Sunday at 7:30pm
14/16Mecklenburg Lodge No. 2802674 Middle School Road, Skipwith, VA 23968Friday before the 2nd Sunday at 8:00pm
14/16R. C. Yancey Lodge No. 2845th Yancey Street, Chase City, VA 239241st Tuesday at 8:00pm
15Randolph Lodge No. 30415 Griffin Blvd., Farmville, VA 239012nd Tuesday & 4th Monday at 8:00pm
15W. H. Hughes Lodge No. 951010 Mt. Nebo Rd., Blackstone, VA 238242nd & 4th Monday at 7:00pm
15Evergreen-Benjamin Lodge No. 13112178 E. Colonial Trail, Crewe, VA 239301st & 3rd Thursday at 7:00pm
15Obadiah-Bethany Lodge No. 1709401 Wayside Ave., Amelia, VA 230021st Monday & 3rd Saturday at 7:30pm
15Victoria-Kenbridge Lodge No. 1871112 Tenth St., Victoria, VA 239742nd Monday & 4th Thursday at 7:00pm
17Danville Royal Lodge No. 104425 North Main St., Danville, VA 245401st & 3rd Tuesday at 7:00pm
17Murdock Lodge No. 163177 Mabin St., Danville, VA 245412nd Monday at 7:00pm
17Olympic Lodge No. 179New Sandy Creek Church, Keeling VA 245661st Saturday at 10:00am
17Judah Lodge No. 205360 North Main St., Chatham, VA 245572nd Monday at 7:00pm & 4th Saturday at 10:00am
17Almagro Lodge No. 217177 Mabin St., Danville, VA 245411st & 3rd Thursday at 7:30pm
17Shockoe Lodge No. 244Route 1, Box 128, Java, VA 245651st Tuesday at 8:00pm
17Brandon Chapel Lodge No. 2821121 Brandon Chapel Rd., Alton, VA 245201st & 3rd Saturday at 7:00pm
17Golden Rule Lodge/Nehemiah No. 295425 North Main St., Danville, VA 245402nd Saturday at 7:00pm
18/19Mt. Pleasant Lodge No. 31201 Pacan Street, Abingdon, VA 242101st & Thursday at 6:30pm
20Alleghany-Dunbar Lodge No. 1091906 Carroll Avenue NW, Roanoke, VA 240172nd Friday at 8:00pm
20Joppa Lodge No. 329207 Catawba St., Glassgo, VA 245554th Friday at 7:00pm
21/22Mt. Zion Lodge No. 18140 E. Beverly St., Staunton, VA 244012nd Tuesday at 7:00pm
21/22Jefferson Lodge No. 20101 Forest St., Charlottesville, VA 229022nd Thursday at 7:30pm
21/22Omar Lodge No. 226202 E. Mason Street, Harrisonburg Forge, VA 228022nd Thursday at 7:30pm
21/22John W. Barnes Lodge No. 3051011 Church Street, Clifton Forge, VA 244224th Tuesday at 7:00pm
23Star of the West Lodge No. 24614 Federal Street, Lynchburg, VA 245041st & 3rd Thursday at 8:00pm
23Long Mountain Lodge No. 2046571 Village Highway, Lynchburg, VA 24504Saturday before the 4th Sunday at 8:00pm
23Big Island Lodge No. 31614486 Big Island Highway, Big Island, VA 245263rd Monday at 8:00pm
23Robert F. Braxton Lodge No. 3182622 Galts Mill Road, Madison Heights, VA 245721st Saturday at 7:30pm
24/25Louisa-Temple Lodge No. 113
24/25Keystone Lodge No. 188
24/25Caledonia Lodge No. 240
26Social Lodge No. 63056 Hull Street, Richmond, VA 232242nd Tuesday at 8:00pm
26Friendship Lodge No. 19801 Prince Hall Drive, Richmond, VA 232241st Wednesday at 7:30pm
26Hobson Lodge No. 23801 Prince Hall Drive, Richmond, VA 232241st & 3rd Monday at 7:30pm
26King Solomon Lodge No. 27801 Prince Hall Drive, Richmond, VA 232241st Tuesday at 7:30pm
26King David Lodge No. 284000 Woody Drive, Henrico, VA 232221st Monday at 7:00pm
26Henrico Lodge No. 41801 Prince Hall Drive, Richmond, VA 232242nd Friday at 7:30pm
26Trinity Lodge No. 44801 Prince Hall Drive, Richmond, VA 232242nd Wednesday at 7:30pm
26Richmond Lodge No. 653056 Hull Street, Richmond, VA 232241st Thursday at 8:00pm
26Commonwealth Lodge No. 812721 Grantwood Road, Richmond, VA 232251st Friday at 8:00pm
26Capital City Lodge No. 1074000 Woody Drive, Henrico, VA 232222nd Thursday at 8:00pm
26Jonathan Lodge No. 112801 Prince Hall Drive, Richmond, VA 232243rd Wednesday at 7:00pm
26Perfect Ashlar Lodge No. 159801 Prince Hall Drive, Richmond, VA 232242nd Tuesday at 7:30pm
26East End Lodge No. 2334000 Woody Drive, Henrico, VA 232224th Thursday at 7:00pm
26H. L. Harris Lodge No. 237801 Prince Hall Drive, Richmond, VA 232243rd Tuesday at 8:00pm
26Majestic Lodge No. 263801 Prince Hall Drive, Richmond, VA 232243rd Thursday at 8:00pm
26Pride of Hanover Lodge No. 264219 Berkley Street, Ashland, VA 230053rd Friday at 8:00pm
26Pride of St. James Lodge No. 3001961 St. James Rd., Varina, VA 232312nd Tuesday at 8:00pm
26Carey Wheaton Lodge No. 3076141 Pole Green Road, Mechanicsville, VA 231112nd Tuesday at 8:00pm
26Edward Jones Lodge No. 3244000 Woody Drive, Henrico, VA 232224th Wednesday at 8:00pm
26Lord Hannibal Lodge No. 327800 Prince Hall Drive, Richmond, VA 232243rd Saturday at 6:00pm
27Berea Lodge No. 1148363 George Washington Memorial Hwy, Gloucester, VA 230611st Tuesday at 7:30pm
27Silver Leaf Lodge No. 1779018 Buckley Road, Mathews, VA 231092nd Monday at 7:30pm
27Bethlehem Star Lodge No. 2491101 Route 33 East, Saluda, VA 231491st Monday at 8:00pm
27Triple River Lodge No. 2538301 Courthouse Road, Charles City, VA 231401st Thursday at 7:00pm
27Charles City Progressive Lodge No. 2978301 Courthouse Road, Charles City, VA 231402nd Saturday at 6:00pm
28Palestine Lodge No. 100
28Essex Lodge No. 126
28Northumberland Lodge No. 220
29Prince Hall Lodge No. 613418 Shannon Park Dr., Fredericksburg, VA 224082nd Friday at 8:00pm
29Prospect Lodge No. 1217308 Lawyer Road, Spotsylvania, VA 225514th Friday at 8:00pm
29Welcome Lodge No. 125103 County Street, Bowling Green, VA 224271st Friday at 8:00pm
29King George Lodge No. 3149019 James Madison Parkway, King George, VA 224853rd Friday at 8:00pm
30Piedmont Lodge No. 75101 North East Street, Culpeper, VA 227011st Tuesday at 7:00pm
30Viewtree Lodge No. 14211 South Second Street, Warrenton, VA 201862nd Wednesday at 8:00pm
30Metropolitan Lodge No. 16114 Liberty Street, Leesburg, VA 201772nd Tuesday at 7:30pm
30Midland Lodge No. 23810485 Shenandoah Path, Catlett, VA 220193rd Tuesday at 7:00pm
31Universal Lodge No. 1112 E. Oxford Street, Alexandria, VA 223012nd & 4th Monday at 8:00pm
31Lincoln Lodge Lodge No. 111356 Madison Street, Alexandria, VA 223141st & 3rd Tuesday at 8:00pm
31Acacia Lodge No. 32112 E. Oxford Street, Alexandria, VA 223012nd Thursday at 8:00pm
31Arlington Lodge No. 582222 South Shirlington St., Arlington, VA 222063rd Thursday at 8:00pm
31King Tyre Lodge No. 2926714 James Lee St., Falls Church, VA 220461st & 3rd Monday at 8:00pm
31Triangle Lodge No. 29319030 Bethlehem Church Rd., Triangle, VA 221722nd & 4th Tuesday at 7:30pm
31Pride of Fairfax County Lodge No. 2987809 Fordson Rd., Alexandria, VA 223062nd & 4th Thursday at 8:00pm
31Diversity Lodge No. 3301430 West Braddock Rd., Alexandria, VA 223021st Saturday at 12:00pm
32Sandy Level Lodge No. 274
32G. P. Watkins Lodge No. 320
33/4Accomac Lodge No. 6232168 Boston Road, Painter, VA 234202nd Monday at 7:00pm
33/4Oceana Lodge No. 691760 Potters Road, Virginia Beach, VA 234541st & 3rd Tuesday at 7:30pm
33/4Ruth Lodge No. 92117 Landmark Square, Virginia Beach, VA 234501st Thursday at 7:30pm
33/4Unity Lodge No. 93959 Newton Road, Norfolk, VA 235022nd Wednesday at 8:00pm
33/4Washington Lodge No. 139959 Newton Road, Norfolk, VA 235022nd & 4th Thursday at 8:00pm

Contact Us

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Registration eligibility to attend the Family Day event:

  • Must be a member in good standing of the MWPHGL of Virginia
  • Must be a member in good standing of the Order of the Eastern Star of Virginia, PHA
  • Must be a member of the MWPHGL of Virginia’s Knights of Pythagoras
  • Must be a member of the Maggie D. Pondexter Youth Department of the Eastern Star of Virginia, PHA


In addition to the above, open admission is limited to immediate family members to include grandparents, grandchildren and great-grandchildren ONLY.

Registration Notes

  • Registration will be open from May 1 – June 30, 2024, NO EXCEPTION
  • Once registered, you will receive a separate email for each attendee containing their admission pass for the day, approximately 10 days prior to the event. ATTENDEES MUST HAVE THIS PASS TO ENTER
  • Registration includes both parking and park admission
  • Attendees will gather at a private pavilion to enjoy good food and fellowship from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm!